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Experienced Markers

Your essays will be marked by experts with years of experience and knowledge.

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Detailed Feedback

You will receive more than score results – our experts will also provide suggestions to help you improve.

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Swift Response

We value your time, that’s why the system is automated to ensure you get feedback within seconds.

Reading Test

Each passage provides detailed answers for you to better understand tricks that can help you pass the IELTS Reading Module.

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Our online markers are always available to give detailed corrections and provide sample answers for each essay question.

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Listening Test

We have a plethora of listening tests to help our candidates practice and boost their confidence.

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Speaking Test

The speaking test engages the candidate to answer several short- and long-answer questions with their own voice to help them improve their speech.

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How It Works

How our automated system helps you improve your English listening, reading, and speaking skills:

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You take a free test and submit your answers through our system to our experts.

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Our experts receive the test, grade it, and return it to you.

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You then receive your graded scripts with constructive feedback for improvement.

Did You Know … 75% of Test Takers Fail at Writing?

That’s why we have online markers waiting to mark your scripts

Earn Up To $129.26 Per Month Marking Scripts at Your Leisure.


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What People Say

IELTS Test Takers love Prepmewell.com - find out why!

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I've always thought that writing any form of English test wouldn't be a difficult task for me until i saw myself writing the IELTS test. Although, I was doing well in my Listening and Speaking but always got stuck with Writing at either 5.5 or 6. Finally, help came through the Prepmewell crew; I was coached with tips and tricks on how to tackle the test with lots of practice tests. That was the end of IELTS for me with a Total Band score of 8, where I eventually got a 7 for the Writing module. Thank you so much Prepmewell!

Nomso Uche Lagos, Nigeria
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PrepMeWell gave me the confidence I needed to pass the exam excellently at my very first sitting. The tutorials were thorough and corrections were given with valid explanations. My Listening skills improved a lot during practice and my exam points were 9.0 in Listening; 8.5 in Reading; 7.0 in Writing (to be frank I practiced Writing just once); 7.5 in Speaking. PrepMeWell indeed helped me get it right the first time!

Deinma Dick Iruenabere Ontario, Canada
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Before I tried Prepmewell, I had written IELTS three times and was stuck between 6 and 6.5 in the writing module. After receiving training for two months, I wrote the test again, and I scored 7.5. Words cannot express how good they are!

Demola Dee Lagos, Nigeria

Affordable Pricing

Less cost, more value to fit your budget

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  • Listening Mock Tests
  • Reading Mock Tests
  • Speaking Mock Tests
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  • Detailed Feedbacks
Basic Plan “I’m good at writing” $19.99 for 1 month Get Started
  • Unlimited Listening
  • Unlimited Reading
  • Unlimited Speaking
  • 0 writing
  • Included
Gold Plan “I just need to pass” $97.99 - $13.99 discount for 1 month Get Started tag
  • Unlimited Listening
  • Unlimited Reading
  • Unlimited Speaking
  • 12 writing
Diamond Plan “I want to score 8.5 in writing” $169.99 - $41.99 discount for 2 month Get Started
  • Unlimited Listening
  • Unlimited Reading
  • Unlimited Speaking
  • 24 writing
*Add-on essays (to any of the plans) cost $13
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