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Every script needs the correct mark so that everybody gets the correct grade.
Be a marker on Prepmewell.com and help our members improve on their writing today!

Why You Should Consider Marking

Work at your convenience

At Prepmewell, we understand and respect that our markers may have other engagements that help put food on their table. With our markers in mind, our platform allows them to choose when they want to mark scripts and earn cash for their services.

Simple and easy to use

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler” – Albert Einstein. We understand that the easier it is for you to work, the more engaged you will be when marking scripts. At Prepmewell.com we have taken the time to make the platform simple to use, with minimal buttons to click, so you can focus on what you are passionate about – marking scripts.

Earn as you go

The more scripts that you mark, the more money that will be in your pockets – it can’t get any easier than that. The Prepmewell.com team takes comfort in knowing that our markers are happy earning money on Prepmewell.com.

Marking in 3 Simple Steps

Accept Script

Simply indicate your availability on the platform and accept scripts for marking.

Mark Script

Thoroughly read the scripts submitted by the students and give your professional corrections and explanations on the errors you notice in each line of the script being marked.

Submit Script

Give your remarks and scores on each category and submit the script to the system for approval.

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“Initially, I started it as a side hustle. As the passion grew, I began marking more each week than I had been in a month.”

Frequently Asked Questions

We expect each marker to have a good command of writing in English, as well as sound vocabulary, and a coherent and meticulous nature when it comes to writing.
Once the scripts are approved, your earnings are reflected on your profile. You can withdraw earnings above $50 from your account at any time you choose.

How can I earn more?

The more scripts you mark the more you earn. Take note, each script you mark has a star rating system which helps the management team know who marks with passion, as opposed to just doing it for the money.
You work at your own convenience! No one expects you to leave your day-to-day activities for Prepmewell.com. We are particular about your self-development and have created this platform to allow you to make some extra cash outside your dream job.
It doesn’t cost you anything to be a marker on Prepmewell.com; however, you will be asked to mark two essays in order for us to determine if you are a good fit for our students.
To be a marker on Prepmewell.com, you only require a profile on the platform and access granted by our management.

1 hour per day for a month gives you $139.60.

Are you ready to earn?

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